Gerrie Visser

Gerrie Visser is the forward-looking, liaison bridge of Common Ground Common Sense. She grew up in a farming family in the Friese Wouden. “Broeksterwoude is a traditional village. My upbringing was therefore protected and closed, and I cherish that enormously. " Whilst in the village girls' choir Gerrie first learned what art and culture meant to her and how she could play a role herself, first singing, and then later taking on administrative tasks. She still performs those tasks today, but for other cultural organisations and projects.

She never left the agricultural sector, although she did take a side-step when studying Russian after secondary school. This was followed by positions such as fundraiser, agricultural subsidy advisor and project coordinator, for example, for Living Lab Foundation, Ukiha, Peter Grimes, Pier21, Keunstwurk and Kening fan 'e Greide. "The cultural world has made my world a lot bigger.” 

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