Gina Kamsma

Gina Kamsma is our pure blood in-house attorney and board member. Her passion for justice, culture, nature and landscape forms a special combination. Which is why she fits so well into Common Ground Common Sense; a stable full of special people. “In 2016 I decided to change direction. I co-owned a law firm, but was looking for more freedom to do my job my way. To dedicate myself to things that are important to me. ” 

Gina has worked - and still does - in (board) positions for Oerol, the Harmonie, Tryater, Liet, the National Advisory Body for the Frisian language, the Frisian Environmental Federation, Bird Protection Netherlands, Natuurmonumenten, It Fryske Gea and It Erfskip, among others. So you will find proof of her passions in her CV. “I am curious and an idealist, but I also like beautiful things and discovering new worlds. You see me at my best when the worlds of law, art, nature and government come together. ”

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