Heleen Hofstra

Heleen Hofstra is the keeper of our big picture, the organizer and the connector of everything. She moves in the world of management, of solutions and of volunteers. Her highlight was organising the hundreds of volunteers during the visit of the Giants of Royal de Luxe in LF2018. “I am very focused on the person behind the volunteer. I think it is important that they enjoy what they, free of charge, have committed to. To do that on the scale of the Giants was a very satisfying challenge. ” 

Heleen was also committed to projects such as De Tonnenloods, Waddenkust and Fuerza Bruta. They are intentionally projects in the cultural and social field. “I don't really fit into the tough commercial corner. It is the unexpected, the creative which appeals to me. The shared goal is different. ” Heleen currently works as a manager for St. Anthony Gasthuis.

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