Ivo Lochtenberg

In a world in constant motion, be it short, sharp and fierce or rippling like a salt marsh stream, it is necessary to keep moving, to keep developing. And when it comes to the commons, you do it together, in dialogue, preferably using “the wisdom of the crowds”, professional knowledge, and the creativity of the artist. 

Ivo knows better than anyone how to organise and guide such dialogues. His profession: process design and supervision of development issues. In all conceivable forms. From one-on-one coaching to multi-day conferences with hundreds of participants. Under his guidance countless teams have worked on a new sense of direction, inspiring each other, science and the arts. 

Fundamental change requires lasting relationships and sustainable decision-making, supported inside and outside an organisation. Whether it be about area regeneration, developments within health care, education and aid. Or about social and cultural entrepreneurship. About everything of value of and for society. About the commons. Ivo dives right in.

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