Jort Klarenbeek

Jort Klarenbeek is our ambitious all-rounder, our pragmatic improver and our high bar setter. He started his cultural career whilst still studying - and, after considerable persistence - as an intern at LF2018. A few years and a graduation thesis later, he had worked his way up to become a member of the international marketing campaign team. “I always wanted to go to the Randstad, but thanks to LF2018 I also saw what was possible here. Ultimately, the West won, because I currently live in The Hague, but I will continue to work on projects in Friesland. It remains a special place for me. ” 

Today, Jort prefers to get involved in complex projects, which in their own way transcend borders. “Projects such as LF2018 or Ukiha are examples of this. I just want to do good, without necessarily directly saving the world. ” 

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