Oeds Westerhof

Oeds, Director of Common Ground Common Sense, has his roots in Friesland. An area with a thousand years of history of the Westerhof-family. Within the office, Oeds is the route planner, in-house minister and the source of projects for their portfolio. “I am a sponge. I listen and I read to absorb as much information as possible. This way I can formulate solutions to complex challenges. From a distance I can judge which cogs have to be set in motion.”

Common Ground Common Sense is Oeds’ initiative. “I'm not an artist, but I think like one. I enjoy formulating answers to tricky issues with approaches which are different from the usual. That is why CGCS is a combination of people who think differently. This enables us to be of great added value: in the short term cycles of the administrative world, in four year policy planning cycles, and in relation to more sustainable longer term solutions. We are solution focused. ”

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