Rikkert Kremer

Rikkert Kremer is the relationship builder, the general analysis tool and the joke-maker extraordinaire of Common Ground Common Sense. Rikkert grew up under the smoke of the old Abe Lenstra football-stadium, in a progressive family “with sometimes a joker to the left of me, a joker to the right…” A former member of the artistic team of LF2018, Rikkert can now be found in the management team of organisations such as the Calefax Reed Quintet, the Turnclub, VSCD and SPTC.

Rikkert was associated with the Residentie Orkest for a long time, until recently a very intuitive task for him. “I always thought I would work solely in the arts, but I lost the faith because of LF2018. I see now that if you approach social issues in the usual way, you get the usual answers. But if you ask an artist, you get new insights. Even if it’s the job, it can still be fantastic and contribute to much more than simply entertainment itself. ” 

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