Jellie Tiemersma

Jellie Tiemersma is an out-and-out generalist and manager. She bases everything she does on an inclusive society to which everyone contributes in line with his or her talents. Jellie took on financial roles in the first ten years of her career, but made the switch to directorship and general management. Her experience of business operations has always stayed with her, however. She is politically and socially involved in a range of roles, and frequently joins in the debate on diversity and inclusion. She also enjoys getting her teeth into governance issues. 

“I love developing a vision with others, but also translating this in practice into: what are we going to do, and how? A purpose based on business and focusing on results." 

Jellie holds a variety of roles as an entrepreneur, director, adviser or manager in the world of culture, social issues and non-profit organisations, among others. She also has direct experience with the various layers of government. 

“I feel at home at CGCS because of the diversity of people and the dynamics, along with the social relevance of the issues that come our way.” 

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